How safe is Scentsy?

Three reasons why Scentsy fragrances are worry-free

The internet is chock full of articles, blog posts, opinions and “facts” about the safety of fragrance, whether used in your home, on your skin, on your baby, on your dog …

We’d like to clear up ANY confusion regarding the safety of all Scentsy fragrance products:

Scentsy products are safe!

We love good fragrance, and we love people more. We wouldn’t dare risk the health and wellness of our families, Consultants, customers and fans. Our mission is to bring value to the world!

Here are a few reasons why you can warm those Scentsy Bars or spritz a Room Spray without worry:

1. Our products DO NOT contain harmful VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Sounds scary, right?? Especially “volatile,” which in this case only refers to a substance’s tendency to evaporate. Evaporation? Not so scary.

Most people use the term VOC to refer to something harmful, like an air pollutant. But the truth is you breathe VOCs every time you smell a bouquet of flowers or cook with fresh garlic. Without VOCs we would live in a fragrance-free world! And what kind of world would that be?

Some VOCs, like formaldehydes, are harmful. Scentsy fragrance products do not contain or release ANY harmful VOCs. They are all formaldehyde-free.

2. Our products DO comply with EPA regulations

Scentsy fragrance products are specially formulated and tested to comply with all federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, the International Fragrance Association’s Code of Practice, the European Union’s REACH requirements and the California Air Resources Board regulations, all of which restrict the use of fragrance ingredients that pose a risk to consumer health or the environment. Yay! We also require the fragrance houses we work with to be active members of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). The IFRA determines which ingredients are safe and at what levels, by product.

3. Our products DO only contain safe ingredients

• Are some synthetic ingredients potentially harmful to your health and the environment? YES!
• Are some NATURAL ingredients potentially harmful, depending on how they’re used? YES!
• Do we — USE those harmful natural or synthetic ingredients in any of our fragrance products? NO!

Scentsy fragrances are created with SAFE natural and synthetic ingredients to offer the widest range of scent experiences. Want to learn more about the differences between natural and synthetic ingredients? Check out this post.

Remember: ONLY use Scentsy products as directed!

Every product we develop is designed to meet the safety requirements based on its intended usage. This might sound silly, but it happens all the time: Our Blueberry Cheesecake fragrance (or another gourmand scent) smells SO GOOD that a customer might be tempted to sneak a taste — don’t do that! Our fragrance products are not meant to be ingested, no matter how delicious they smell.

On the same note, don’t wear Scentsy Room Spray as body spray — these fragrance oils are meant to scent your home and could irritate your skin. Shop our Skin and Groom categories for wearable Scentsy fragrance.

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