Jammy Time Scentsy Bar is the top selling product for The Scented Candle Store…..but why?  Here’s why we think it could be our best selling Scentsy product available.

The write up of Jammy Time is probably one of the reasons why it sells so well….

Help kids drift into dreamland with this soothing blend of baby freesia, lavender and sweet pea. Perfect for bedrooms and evening baths.

Because its such a popular bar with The Scented Candle Store customers – we ALWAYS have it in stock. To order simply use our online chat or complete our online order form to get your bar or bars today.

But did you know that Jammy Time Scentsy Bar isn’t the only product in the Jammy Time Scentsy range?

Jammy Time Laundry Liquid, Jammy Time Scent Soft, Jammy Time Washer Whiffs, Jammy Time Scent Pak, Jammy Time Scentsy Pods, and Boo the Bear Scentsy Blankie Buddy all make up the Scentsy Jammy Time Collection

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